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To Namakkal people in Tamilnadu

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Since, the Namakkal District is a part of the Salem District, the historical background of Salem and Namakkal remains the same. After the struggle between the Cheras , Cholas and Pandiyas, the Hoysalas rose to power and had control till the 14th Century followed by Vijayanagar Kings till 1565 A.D. Then the Madurai Nayakas came to power in 1623 A.D. Two of the Polygons of Thirumalai Nayak namely, Ramachandra Nayaka and Gatti Mudaliars ruled the Salem area. The Namakkal Fort is reported to have been built by Ramachandra Nayakas. After about 1625 A.D., the area came successively under the rule of Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golkinda Mysore kings and then the Marathas, when about the year 1750 A.D. Hyder Ali came to power. During this period, it was a history of power struggle between Hyder Ali and later Tippu , with the British.

The Rock Fort in Namakkal is a special feature of the Town. The Fort covers an area of one and half acres of flat surface and is accessible from South-West by a flight of narrow steps. Namakkal was in the hands of Atikula King called Gunasila who has marriage with Pallava King. Later the taluk was over run by the Cholas in the Kongu Mangalam which has over run by the Cholas in the 9th Century and passed on to Vijayanagar under the Viuroyultry of madra. Namakkal was held by Killdhar (Caption) on Hyder Ali until it was captured by British in 1768.


The district is well served by road transports. NH-7 and NH-47 pass through all the taluk headquarters, other towns and most of the villages are connected by motorable roads.


Namakkal District is situated at 11o 00' and 12o 00' of the North latitude and 77o 40' and 78o 05' of the East longitude. The altitude of the district is 300 metres above MSL.

Namakkal District comes under the North Western Agro climatic zone (Excluding Tiruchengode Taluk) of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the dividing portion of two watersheds between Cauvery and the Vellar System with the Taluks of Attur, Rasipuram and Namakkal on the East and Salem, Omalur and Mettur on the West. Tiruchengode taluk alone is placed under Western Agro -climatic zone.

Besides above two zones, Kollihills in Namakkal and few isolated hills and ridges scattered over Namakkal Rasipuram and Tiruchengode along with the Valleys and rolling topography contributes to the characteristic physiography of the district.

Kollihills the Garden of Namakkal district comprising of 14 village panchayats called 'Nadu' is having an area of 371.03 sq. km at an altitude of 1300 mts. above MSL.

The Northern portion of Namakkal are mountains and the Southern areas are plains. The plain area of the district can be divided into 3 elevating stages. The lower elevation (below 150 m) has Namakkal and Paramathy taluks which are being benefitted by Cauvery river. The mid elevation (150-300 m above M.S.L.) occupies the major area in all Taluks. The high elevation area (between 300-600 m) spreads over mainly in Rasipuram and Namakkal Taluks. The chief river run through in the district are Cauvery Aaru, Karipottamaru and Thirumanimuthar. The Cauvery flows South and South west hugging the border

The famous Cauvery river flows along the Western and Southern boundaries of the district at an elevation of 150 m. It benefits most of the cultivated lands in Paramathy and Mohanur Block. Its tributories are Sarabanga and Tirumanimuthar.

About Us

The basic objective of the Industrial Policy pursued by the Tamil Nadu Government is to achieve massive increase in employment by promoting Small Industries and Rural Industries.

The District industries Centre is the institution at the district level, which provides all the service and support facilities to the entrepreneurs for setting up small and Village Industries. This includes identification of suitable schemes, preparation of feasibility reports, arrangements for credit facilities, machinery and equipment, provision of raw materials and extension services.

Namakkal district is the newly bifurcated one from Salem district which is having a rapid growth in Industrial sector with much workmanship and proficient nature of the entrepreneurs. The climate and humidity are very suitable for the growth of Poultry units and apart from that Lorry Body building, Textile activities are playing a vital roll in this district.

This district is having main importance in the origin of Tapioca Crop in our country since, the Soil nature and humidity are much suitable for the Tapioca cultivation and naturally Tapioca Starch and Sago manufacturing units have come up in abundant in this district. The sago products are mainly marketed in the Northern states of our country. The tapioca wafers produced from the Tapioca starch is also having market in the northern states.

Next to Andhra Pradesh, Namakkal is having a name in the production of Eggs. The eggs produced in this district are marketed in other states and by exporting eggs to other countries it is getting remarkable foreign exchange.




The Boat House at Vasalurpatty is located at Km 9/2 of Solakkadu – Thinnanurpatty road. It is one of the most beautiful spot with small natural island in the lake covered with huge rocks and greenery on all sides. Perennial water source available in the lake throughout the year. At present 4 fiber boats are available and for the conveyance of tourist a boat parking bay has been constructed


A Botanical Garden is formed at the old TAMPCOL site located some 3 Km from Semmedu . Inthis Garden area a Park, Rose Garden, Herbal park , Eco friendly cottages and a view point is located.

The Children Park is located just above the fountain in the Botanical Garden. Statues of animals , One see saw double (Four seater ), One wave slide, one deluxe circular swing, one merry go round and one six seated Children. A Gallery room for flowers show is also available.


One Boat type cottage is available for the tourist to take rest at garden . Surrounded by bamboo trees and flower plants it attracts lot of tourist.

A Jappanese type cottage is constructed here where the tourist can take their food and have rest which is covered with grass in the roof. In front of the cottage a Valcano turtile type statue made out of Lawa is available.

A Cave type cottage is also there where the tourist can cave the feel of a cave in darkness with a fiber Tiger is placed on a rock which will roar when some body crosses with the help of sensors fixed around.


Akasa Gangai is an enchanting 300 feet waterfall of river Aiyaru, located near Arappaleeshwarar temple. Thousands of steps lead down to the falls. It is situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by the mountains at all sides. Enroute, the natural beauty of the valley and the vegetation-covered peaks . The location is ideal for trekking and the breeze is pleasant, the cascade of silvery water touching and brushing the innumerable herbs which are abound in Kollihills keeps everyone spell bound and fresh with its herbal qualities.


Municipality Komarpaalayam
Municipality Namakkal
Municipality Pallipalayam
Municipality Rasipuram
Municipality Tiruchengode


1)BDO Namakkal
2)BDO Elachipalayam
3)BDO Erumapatti
4)BDO Kabilarmalai
5)BDO Kolli Hills
6)BDO Mallasamudram
7)BDO Mohanur
8)BDO Namagiripet
9)BDO Pallipalayam
10)BDO Paramathy
11)BDO Puduchatram
12)BDO Rasipuram
13)BDO Sendamangalam
14)BDO Tiruchengode
15)BDO Vennandur


Collector, Namakkal
District Revenue Officer, Namakkal
Personal Assistant(G) to Collector
Personal Assistant (Accounts) to Collector
Special Deputy Collector (PGRC)
District Supply Officer, Namakkal
Assistant Commissioner (Excise), Namakkal
District Backward Classes Welfare Officer.
District Adi Dravidar Welfare Officer

Revnue Divisional Office
Revenue Divisional Officer, Namakkal
Revenue Divisional Officer, Thiruchengode

Tahsildar, Rasipuram
Tahsildar, Namakkal
Tahsildar, Paramathivelur
Tahsildar, Tiruchengode

AD - Panchayat
PA - Small Savings
EE Agri